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Johannes Boutique Investments is an IP and Financial management firm based in London.

It is a privately-owned boutique firm that manages its own intellectual assets as active owner with a long-term views and it was founded with the aim to develop, build and manage its own intellectual property as a business asset. The company has been registered in England and Wales on 2011 chaired by Mr Aron Okbajohannes, financial executive and seed-stage investor.


Intellectual Assets are brand, trade secret, technology and design and all of these are intangible real assets.

The boutique investment firm has developed some technologies and brands with the aim to manage their value and licensing.


Johannes Boutique Investments operates through its strategic business unit or subsidiary, in order to make innovations and bring value within few markets.

The boutique firm focuses on some specific industries where there it might be unmet needs or market opportunities that might drive a long-term growth.

Focus on Intangible Assets Value in the following key sectors:

✓ Defensive Cyber Security > Endpoints Protection (Anti-Tampering Systems-Security)

– Healthy Longevity / Biotechnology

– Brand Placement / Branded Entertainment

The Johannes Boutique Investments website is for information purposes only and nothing contained in this website constitutes investment advice. The value of intangible asset investments can fall or rise. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future returns.
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