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As a financial management executive runs his own boutique investments firm he is in charge as head of IP Investments and Finance with a deep understanding of both on strategies for investing in IP assets and strategic planning for business finance and services marketing. Aron is convinced that innovation, through a strategic management of IP asset, is the main engine to supporting business growth.

Before moving to London, he was an advertising executive and principal of his advertising and marketing services agency for SMEs, even lecturer of strategic marketing and intellectual property management – for startup- and biotech businesses – within some business incubators and academic innovation hubs located in Northern Italy. He began his advertising professional career as medical copywriter and left it to start his entrepreneurship career, before in planning and marketing for several years and then shift to corporate finance and intellectual asset management sectors in order to develop and implement some financial innovations and IP strategies for building corporate wealth.

He educated at a Roman Catholic private school as A-level Scientific studies focused on Medical Bioscience and consequently he continued both medical and philosophic academic studies at University of Trieste. He read several Biomedical Sciences into Medical school and even some on Philosophy of Science – Foundations of Mathematics – and Epistemology – Epistemology of the Human Sciences. While following his university studies, in Milan he took the professional qualification in Planning, Management and Control of Advertising through the professional body TP-Italian Association of Professionals in Advertising.

Aron enjoys wild swimming and freediving discipline of static apnea in his spare time.

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